• The social work course is a multidisciplinary course drawing upon theoretical concepts from different social sciences, keeping social work values and principles at the core. Social work education focuses on a holistic and integrated method of practice.

    Social work education builds the knowledge necessary for the practice of social work. The program offers relevant classes and skill refinement through concurrent field work, as well as an ethical value base through various exposure; supervision and a constant reflection process. Therefore, social work education can play a critical role in shaping up the overall outlook of an individual; preparing the self as an agent for social change.

    Field Work

    Field work is an essential part of social work program. The students are expected to undergo a minimum of 10 hours per week of practical field work. The students are evaluated on the basis of their attendance, application of professional skills in the field, and reflection. The faculty/field work supervisors are both from the institutes and agencies. Besides this, this course intends to furnish the students with Report Writing, Individual Conference, Group Conference, Neighborhood Camp, Rural Camp, Urban Camp, Block Placement and so on.