Samriddhi is very proud of its large library filled with hundreds of books, magazines, journals, maps and DVD’s covering diverse subjects from around the world. We believe the library should be the center of knowledge, curiosity and wonder, engaging our students as well as the local community in all areas of knowledge and understanding.


Besides the assigned reading, we encourage our students to read consistently about all subjects. Some offerings at our library include the most up-to-date material by today’s top thinkers, including:

  • Management and business.
  • Technological innovation.
  • World economics and public policy.
  • Ancient and modern world philosophy.
  • Modern and classic literature.
  • Novels, poetry and short story anthologies.
  • Educational DVD’s on a variety of subjects.
  • Reference materials about subjects like technology science, educational material, and social work.
  • Hundreds of maps portraying geography, historical growth and transformation, peoples of the world, environmental issues and concerns, natural wonders and much more.
  • Histories of the world and global studies.
  • Human rights, social issues, and gender discrimination.
  • National Geographic and other important and timely magazines.

Visit us anytime and check out our selection!