May 2021

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  • Top 5 IT College in Nepal 2022

    There is numerous IT college in Nepal, As we know, Nepal is a developing country. IT is such a field or an area that is helping in developing every infrastructure of the country. Globally, IT is playing a great role to enhance the development of nations. In this  21st century, no one can imagine his/her life without a computer. With the advancement of technology in the world, IT is one of the most sought degrees in the world and Nepal has no exception. It is helping to connect people globally and digitally. The establishment of various IT companies, software development […]

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  • BScCSIT 4th and 8th Semester Form Extend

    Tribhuvan University,  Institution of Science and Technology Has to Extend the BScCSIT Exam Form for the fourth and eighth semester due to COVID -19.  

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  • BIT Course In Nepal

    BIT Course in Nepal is a four years degree run by Tribhuvan Univesity, Pokhara University & Purbanchal University. the full form of BIT is Bachelor of Information Technology. Students who want to make a career in network or systems can go for a BIT degree. The main focus of BIT is in networking, data communication, computer system. Although core computer courses are similar to most computer courses, however, students will encounter lots of network-related courses throughout the BIT degree. BIT graduates can work as network administrators, system administrators, network security specialists, and so on. BIT graduates can also go for […]

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