Free Entrance Exam for BSc.CSIT, BCA, CMAT Mock Up Test

September 20, 2014

Samriddhi College in association with the Saral Sikshya team. This Mock test is organizing B.Sc CSIT | BCA, CMAT Mock Test for students who are preparing for TU IOST, FOM, FOHSS Entrance Exam. Their Mock test is the quickest way to see if you’re ready for the kinds of questions you’ll find on the IOST entrance. for more information about the Mock Test examination, you must visit Saral Shikshya web site for Previous Mock Test Paper.
Top 3 will be Provided Exciting Gifts

Date (Nepali) :2075/asoj/30
Students entry :10:00 am
Exam Starts at 1:00 am

For more details: Click Here

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