Partner Organizations

  • Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal

    Microsoft has launched a Student Learn Program known as Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Program which has built a platform for students to represent their educational institutions during which they have the opportunities to learn many tech related skill sets through various workshops led by experts of Microsoft.

    While at the same time they are able to share and work with fellow students to improve their technical skills that can support their community and also help them to develop comprehensive soft skills for their careers. 

    MSP program also allows those ambassadors to organise and host events as well as workshops that might find a solution for one of the most difficult problems or generate innovative ideas that can give rise to a whole new tech domain. 

    All of these activities can help the representatives become future IT Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Academic Researchers.Samriddhi College has partnered with Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal to allow our students to grab the opportunities of being one of the MSP.

    Samriddhi Cisco Networking Academy

    World’s positive economy is driven by constant upgrades of corporations and on time application of smart ideas. To achieve this, Internet technology becomes the utmost necessity that commutes such timely updates for any organization.

    With Samriddhi Cisco Networking Academy Program, students can get a complete e-learning experience where they are provided with IT relevant study materials, proper guidance by instructors, hands-on practical sessions, assessments to evaluate their performance and internationally accredited certifications. Therefore, students can benefit from this program to uplift their IT skills and grow up to become Network Experts.

    Genese Cloud Academy

    Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer resources such as data storage and computing power over an internet, regardless of any direct hands-on management by the cloud users.

    Genese Cloud Academy (GCA) is a program for academic sectors, designed to train and excel students in the sector of Cloud Computing. GCA provides the necessary tools required for the familiarization and realization of cloud computing concepts.GCA also strongly believes in women encouragement in the IT sector and has been providing numerous workshops where girls can learn variants of cloud based computing skills. Additionally, Genese Cloud Academy motivates students in entrepreneurship.

    Samriddhi College and Genese Cloud Academy have joined forces to empower students before graduation and make them a certified professional to meet the standard of Cloud Computing Industries.

    Upveda Technology Pvt. Ltd.

    Upveda Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a software firm that provides responsive web and interactive mobile application development services using their own framework. Major goal of Upveda Technology is to promote customized softwares by understanding the requirements of clients and transforming their business needs and values into high end software solutions.

    It is also with the cooperation with the Upveda Technology Pvt. Ltd., Samriddhi College is one of the Best IT Colleges in Nepal since students can practically ensure the feasibility of creating as well as understanding the working mechanisms of self constructed framework and using the framework to deliver user friendly applications and IT based solutions to the clients.

    Code For Change

    “Code for Change” is a project initiated by “Youth in Social Change,” a non-profit organization,in collaboration with the students from various colleges around the country. It is an open learning hub for IT students to learn relevant professional and personal skills required for youth to enter the IT industry.

    Together with Code for Change, Samriddhi College has entered into an agreement to conduct various workshops and events to equip its students with the latest relevant professional skills and to provide them a national exposure.

  • Fusemachines Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the branch of computer science which deals with developing softwares and machines that perform tasks that require human intelligence. It is an innovative and growing field in the global market of IT.

    Fusemachines is the company that has been providing AI Education to many AI enthusiasts so as to create numerous AI professionals who can work for many organisations that require AI related services and solutions.

    The association between Samriddhi College and Fusemachines Nepal Pvt. Ltd. presents a golden platform where our students can stand up to become AI Talents.

    Skill Lab Nepal

    As per the name, Skill Lab is an enterprise which upskills interested students to bridge the gap between their academic and the pertinent industries.

    In an academic organisation, students learn hard skills which is taught as a part of a course structure that correspond to their job descriptions such as writing computer programs, while for any company they need their employee to be a team player, a critical thinker, want them to be able to communicate and share ideas with co-workers, have leadership traits along with positive work ethics. These soft skills are honed by those individuals who are involved with the Skill Lab.

    The collaboration between the Samriddhi College and Skill Lab Nepal not only guarantees the students to be good at what they are aiming for but also makes them a wanted employee, a charming co-worker and a great leader for any corporation around the world.

    Utopia Technology Pvt. Ltd.

    Utopia is a software company that aspires developers to bring their creativity into the reality through construction of websites, mobile application development and search optimization for websites.

    Many of our students have been placed into an internship program at Utopia Technology Pvt. Ltd. where they have the chance to experience a real office environment in an IT industry. Furthermore, our students have been successfully converting those internships into jobs before graduating from the college. It is a feat that most students of any sector would definitely want to have.

    ITGlance Pvt. Ltd.

    For IT enthusiasts who want to begin their career in the IT industry, ITGlance provides them with a comprehensive course structure where they are trained by experts using updated IT resources. ITGlance also enables an individual to work as a team member in an organised manner.

    Samriddhi College jointly with ITGlance have been teaching students the necessary IT skills through internships which at every time resulted in students getting hired as an employee.

    Code House Media

    Code House Media is an Australian based tech-house that has been amplifying brands, delivering audience targeted digital marketing, creating and developing brand-specific designs, has also been working with multiple government agencies to digitize the integrated system of Nepal.

    Code House Media strongly believes that every step taken in the work is for the clients, for building creativity in co-workers and for the pursuit of providing expeditious IT solutions. The primary objective of Code House Media is improving team performance that complements an efficient delivery of quality products to the valued clients around the world. Code House Media is a team of emerging educators and techies, who are collaborating with an ed-tech startup known as Scholars Learning Center to create disruptive ed-tech solutions in order to bridge the gap in education.

    Together with Code House Media, Samriddhi College has opened an internship gateway to the students through which they can acquire exclusive ideas and grab the chance to experience the real work environment in the digitization and development.

    DB Workshop

    DB Workshop & IT Support Pvt. Ltd. is founded in 2018 to build and implement software and web solutions. It also provides various services, including different management systems, desktop and web-based applications and mobile applications (iOS, Android and Hybrid).  DB Workshop combines business domain knowledge, proven methodologies, and technology expertise of skilled software professionals to yield high-quality solutions that add value to businesses.

    They also specialize in the development of web services to boost Nepal’s digital platform. The company hires highly skilled and qualified software developers, technicians and industry experts with a comprehensive understanding of various platforms for different applications. DB Workshop stands out among many tech companies because of its consistency and wide variety of services offered, as well as the inclining number of customers for whom they work.

    The collaboration between Samriddhi College and DB Workshop has a clear and a profound objective which is to provide our students internships in various platforms that can later change into jobs based on the performance shown by the interns during their probation period in the company.