About Us

  • High-quality education creating life excellence

    Samriddhi College offers high-quality education equal to the most renowned institutions worldwide.

    We ready our graduates for the globalized marketplace with both theoretical and practical modalities, working in partnership with a number of top colleges in the United States and beyond.

  • Guest lecturers from around the world

    With an international board of advisors and guest lecturers from around the world, Samriddhi provides its students with an expanded curriculum, including enhanced classes in oral and written communication, public speaking, specialized IT and business instruction, personality development, global studies, field work, extensive internships, and much more.

  • The Samriddhi Experience

    • A student-centered environment enhancing individual development.

    • An atmosphere of empowerment, critical thought and creative reflection.

    • Helping students realize their unique talents and abilities.

    • Inspiring and creating future leaders in all fields.

    • An expanded curriculum meeting today’s global needs.

    • An open, dynamic relationship between faculty, students, parents, community and the world.