About Us

  • High-quality education creating life excellence

    Samriddhi College offers high-quality education equal to the most renowned institutions worldwide.

    We ready our graduates for the globalized marketplace with both theoretical and practical modalities, working in partnership with a number of top colleges in the United States and beyond.

  • Guest lecturers from around the world

    With an international board of advisors and guest lecturers from around the world, Samriddhi provides its students with an expanded curriculum, including enhanced classes in oral and written communication, public speaking, specialized IT and business instruction, personality development, global studies, field work, extensive internships, and much more.

  • Our Team

    What makes Samriddhi College different from the rest is its unique blend of team work of national and international professionals. Team Samriddhi consists of passionate, committed and experienced professionals from diverse field, making Samriddhi College a truly outstanding center of excellence. This college is a common vision of these professionals working together to achieve the common goal of transforming students into 21st century global citizens.

    Mr. Manohar Bhattarai


    Renowned ICT professional of Nepal, Mr. Manohar Kumar Bhattarai leads the Samriddhi group as chairman and sets the vision of the college. With a background in Systems Engineering, Mr. Bhattarai has been continually playing a highly significant role in ICT policy and strategy space in Nepal. Mr. Bhattarai’s contribution to Nepal’s digital aspirations includes his passionate involvement in developing e-Government masterplan as a national road map for achieving goals of more streamlined and inclusive service delivery. He is a committed advocate of quality education and retains a deep professional interest in sustained promotion and appropriation of technologies to achieve quality educational outcomes.

    Mr. Naresh Prasad Shrestha

    Vice Chairman/CEO

    Mr. Naresh Prasad Shrestha, Vice Chairman/CEO of the College is an experienced and well-known veteran in the academic sector of Nepal. He is a gold medalist and university topper in the MBA program of Tribhuvan University. Mr. Shrestha is responsible for educational strategy and organizational vision setting. Before joining Samriddhi group in February 2017, Mr. Shrestha spent seventeen precious years at Prime College as a Principal and successfully orchestrated the growth and development of the organization to the next level.

    Mr. Arun Rimal

    Director of International Relations and Affairs

    Mr. Arun Rimal, International Relations and Affairs Director, leverages his location in the US and brings his wide contacts in the academic arena to bear upon our efforts aimed at sustaining quality education delivery – more particularly through fielding of international experts and resources for the school. An Engineer by profession, he earned his Master’s in Engineering (ME) from prestigious Columbia University, New York and served as a board president of Montgomery Township School, Montgomery, New Jersey.

    Dr. Dilli Prasad Sharma

    Board of Director

    Dr. Dilli P. Sharma is a board of director of Samriddhi College. Dr. Sharma has more than 15 years of experience in teaching and academic administration of computer science and information technology courses in Nepal and abroad. He oversees the academic curricula and project work of our courses, which helps our graduates with a skillset that enables them to create innovative technology solutions to business applications or scientific research problems. Dr. Sharma has completed a PhD degree in computer science from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He presented and published his research work in the top ranked international peer-review conferences and journals.

    Mrs. Rashmi Sharma Mainali

    BSW Director

    Mrs. Rashmi Sharma Mainali is an M.Phil from Institute of Advance Communication, Education & Research. She is one of the founding members of Samriddhi Education Foundation and has dedicated her life to teaching and learning milieu. She is known to be a good communicator with proven interpersonal skills. She is profusely interested in reading and her genre is classics and philosophy. She has knack for Literature as well. She is also an IELTS Instructor. She is the designated director for BSW at Samriddhi College. She takes care of faculty induction at the BSW Program. Her passion includes travelling and visiting places other than of touristic importance. She has always been passionate about teaching and has decided to dedicate her life to academic concerns.She has proven track record of running institutions and also heads a Management Institution in the heart of the city.

    Mr. Rabin Hada

    Founder Member/Board of Director

    Mr. Rabin Hada is the founder member/board of director of Samriddhi College, who has more than 10 years of experience in teaching finance and investment in Nepal. He has M.Phil. Degree from Tribhuvan University, Nepal and Data Science Degree from MCT College, Canada. He worked for one of the largest bank of Canada, CIBC for 2 years as financial advisor. Currently, he is associated with Aviva Inc., Property & Casualty Insurance Company of Canada as Data Analyst.

    Mr. Ashutosh Rimal

    Promotion and Marketing Director

    Mr. Ashutosh Rimal is College’s Promotion and Marketing Director. He is a well-known academician and entrepreneur. He devoted his career in the advancement of education for undergraduate students after completing his masters in the specialization in marketing. He is currently associated with different colleges all over Kathmandu Valley and upgrading the raw talents in the field of General Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Operations management. He is also supporting Samriddhi School in different marketing activities as a marketing director.

    Mr. Achyut Adhikari

    Finance Director

    Mr. Achyut Adhikari, Finance Director of Samriddhi College, is the permanent resident of Changunarayan Municipality-7, Bageshwori, Bhaktapur. He has 19 years of teaching experience in different organizations. He is working as a post graduate teacher for BBA in Birendra Sainik Campus, Sallaghari. Similarly, he has worked as a lecturer of taxation in Nicholson College for 15 years. He started financial career as audit assistant and had experience of working as finance controller for reputed company. He has also experience of working in different social organization and society.

    Mr. Sandeep Shrestha


    Mr. Sandeep Shrestha is the principal of Samriddhi College. He is most passionate about providing his high level of expertise in the education sector. His educational leadership has the utmost pivotal role on the environment and reputation of the Samriddhi College. His contribution to ICT development is well known in the IT sectors of Nepal as he has been leading the college to produce a large number of ICT professionals. Seemingly exclusive to our students, the additional curriculum designed by Mr. Sandeep Shrestha is signatured with educational and practical values, knowledge and skills which has been enabling students to become competent and successful experts in numerous domain specific platforms also the curriculum has supported our graduates to start their own organization, introducing entrepreneurship to them. Additionally, his major objective is to develop and maintain effective educational programs within the college that strives to create an educational enterprise that fosters student’s growth. He is a notable alumni of both Tribhuvan University (TU) and Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM). He has been a visiting faculty member with more than 10 years of teaching experience in Master’s level in various national and international educational institutes.

    Besides above professionals, the college is proud that it has a balanced mix of experienced, dedicated and dynamic faculty members and staffs, who will always perform for the overall development of students.

  • The Samriddhi Experience

    • A student-centered environment enhancing individual development.

    • An atmosphere of empowerment, critical thought and creative reflection.

    • Helping students realize their unique talents and abilities.

    • Inspiring and creating future leaders in all fields.

    • An expanded curriculum meeting today’s global needs.

    • An open, dynamic relationship between faculty, students, parents, community and the world.