Message from Principal

  • Education is not just about getting a degree, it’s about learning and applying those knowledge to improve the community. At Samriddhi, our students get empowered with comprehensive teachings, which prepare and excel them for this competitive era. They learn the significance of time, the need for practical education and the virtues of the society. Samriddhi College is the leading college in the local premises, which has one of the best infrastructure along with the best practical teachings in Nepal. Samriddhi College is one of the highly accredited colleges in Nepal that offers programmes such as B.Sc.CSIT, which allows a student to make changes to the global technical industries in both the positive and in an innovative manner.

    We also have a similar tech relevant course called BCA, which introduces simplicity in technology by teaching an individual to build a proper type of technology that most people can independently use. Furthermore, we are acquainted with young business enthusiasts, who are enrolled in B.B.S to obtain correct supervision and knowledge that is required for them for their future managerial level activities.  Nonetheless, we are proud to speak about our involvement in being a part of a bigger picture of the peaceful world by administering BSW that produces social influencers and emerging leaders, who have the sole role of making the community a better place to live, where everyone is treated as equals.

    We also prioritize the improvement of education, while associating ethics that foster the student’s perspective, personal and professional development. We encourage our students to launch startup companies and experience entrepreneurship by providing various supports we can muster for them. Our students are provided with critical guidelines by our faculty members in both a disciplined as well as in a cheerful environment, where all students are regarded as a part of the Samriddhi family in addition to them being a scholar. Samriddhi College is a place where all can share thoughts, emotions and ideas that also helps them to get well prepared for various thick and thin because every person has a long distance to make from graduation to their dream.

    – Mr. Sandeep Shrestha (Director Principal)