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  • The Samriddhi Experiences
    • A student-centered environment enhancing individual development.
    • An atmosphere of empowerment, critical thought and creative reflection.
    • Helping students realize their unique talents and abilities.
    • Inspiring and creating future leaders in all fields.
    • An expanded curriculum meeting today’s global needs.
    • An open, dynamic relationship between faculty, students, parents, community and the world.
  • We at Samriddhi believe that there are cross-learning opportunities among students and faculty across the range of academic streams that it offers leading to holistic learning outcomes. Along those lines, we have strategies in place to ensure that such opportunities are indeed materialized going forward. Our course offerings are strongly anchored to demand side imperatives and embrace market-oriented approach. 
    – Manohar K. Bhattarai (Chairman)

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  • High Quality Education

    We ready our graduates for the globalized marketplace with both theoretical and practical modalities, working in partnership with a number of top colleges in the United States and beyond.
  • Our Programmes

    We offer four bachelor programmes with different prospects
  • "Our aim is to help students not only to meet today's unique challenges but to thrive from them."

  • We understand that the globalized world is moving faster then ever before. With our augmented curriculum and vibrant learning environment, our students prepare intellectually, psychologically and emotionally for a life of distinguish leadership on the world stage.

    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology
      • 4
      • 8
    • Bachelor in Computer Application
      • 4
      • 8
    • Bachelor of Business Studies
      BBS (IT Enabled)
      • 4
    • Bachelor of Social Work
      • 4
  • Student Clubs

  • In Samriddhi, students are cheered for every extra activities that is needed as a life skill. They are recognized and given opportunities to promote themselves. With the purpose of overall development as a professional, our students are encouraged to come up with their new creativities, innovative programs and valuable participation. These activities are designed to meet the varied interests of the student and these activities are as much part of Samriddhi College as the regular academic exercises.

    Samriddhi IT Club

    IT Club is open to any student who is interested in IT and wishes to further his/her IT experiences through college activities. IT Club activities include occasional field trips to important IT Centers, development and implementation of IT awareness programs, idea sharing etc. Another major activity of IT club member is the maintenance and regular update of student web portal.

    Samriddhi Sports Club

    The Sports Club of the college is actively involved in organizing and participating in various sports programs. The college has a policy of promoting sportsmanship among the students. Our main sports organized by students are inter and intra college competitions in field of cricket, basketball, futsal, badminton and table tennis.

    Samriddhi Alumni Association

    Ex-students of Samriddhi College established an alumni association with the support of the college management. The alumni initiate and involve in a number of activities of charity, environmental preservation, learning and idea exchange etc.

    Samriddhi Cultural Club

    Samriddhi Cultural Club is a foundation for Samriddhi College students to raise cultural awareness among them. It will embrace and promote cultural development for each ethnic community in Nepal. It organizes teacher’s day celebration, water distribution program, saraswoti puja etc.

    Entrepreneurial Club

    Samriddhi Entrepreneurial Club is a team of purposefully driven and creative individuals who believe every person has the leadership quality to aspire change and the power to bring about promising legacies. The members work together to foster the skills of entrepreneurship, leadership, management, and networking among themselves and all the other students of Samriddhi College.

    Samriddhi Social Club

    Social club is responsible for integrating all types of students into a unified team. Welcoming the ideas of trekking, celebrating international and national days, cleanliness programs, flash mobs, puppet shows, webinars, seminars, etc are the major activities dome by members of the club. All the activities are carried out in a systematic and formal process so that they can get ideas on plannings, implementations and follow ups.

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