BSW Course in Nepal

July 06, 2020

Professional social work practices and systematic actions have become a need for a community, a country, and the world. To meet these needs of a macro level, one can whole heartily graduate in the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) course. This BSW Course in Nepal is specially designed for such beginner who is ready to serve in the field of humanity, for the betterment of humans.

Social Work is a professional implementation of logical decisions made in close relation to trained personnel and client system so as to solve the existing problem and uplift the quality of life. The main objective of the BSW Course in Nepal is to help students develop day to day skills in themselves to serve people in building a better relationship, overcoming family and societal problems, uplifting livelihood and their environment, and many others

BSW College in Nepal

The increasing need for qualified social workers in emerging INGOs and NGOs has arisen the BSW course at the national and international levels. The course is attracting many youths. It has been serving in the mobilization of the energetic youths. BSW is 48 months (4 years)  fully fledge program offered by Tribhuvan University.

BSW Course in Nepal

BSW Course in Nepal

Samriddhi College is one of the best BSW colleges in Nepal. Qualified faculties, specially designed practical training, 6 months of internship opportunities every year, well-managed infrastructures, best results, and alumni progress has widely defined the best aspects of BSW in Samriddhi College.

The tasks to be performed in a real situation is tough. It’s tough dealing with different perspectives of different individuals. Samriddhi College offers you with national and international graduated faculties who have a unique style of teaching. Young and Experienced teachers teach how to step up strongly in the field of humanity.

Theoretical and practical sessions go parallel every week. Four days of theoretical classes at college and two days of fieldwork at different social organizations help students to develop professionalism. Not only internship but Samriddhi college also organizes many field visit programs and camps for a rural and urban experience of Nepal.

It has been conducting rural camp, urban camp, research camp, community camp. These are real field experiences that help students to identify the challenges they will face in the future.

The learning environment in Samriddhi college works as a catalyst for the students. Well managed classrooms (limited seats), seminar halls, computer lab, research lab, incubation center are the proven centers inside the college premises where students gather for their theoretical and practical knowledge. These are the reasons for obtaining the best results in TU examinations. We are very proud of our alumni who are working in different organizations to serve in the field of humanity.

BSW Courses in Nepal

BSW Courses in Nepal

Why BSW at Samriddhi College?

Samriddhi College is placed in top position in the circle of BSW College. It has been screening its best sides since 2015 A.D. Students, as well as parents, are being more attracted to the college services. Not only physically but also internally the college has the best strategies to meet the goals of every student, parents as well as the college itself.

Here are some phenomenal services that will pull you toward Samriddhi Family:

  1. Best Faculties graduated from National and International College.
    Samriddhi College is known for the energetic, inspiring, and hardworking faculties who dedicate themselves to the service of student’s needs and demands. They are the initiator with unique instincts. The power of their voices awakens the student’s mind. They apply the various new teaching methodologies to strike students for the betterment of an individual, group, community, nation, and the world as a whole. Every student in the classroom is given equal importance by the teachers which is one of the best reasons that students progress gradually. Our faculties apply the knowledge from different perspectives like social work, psychology, gender studies, peace and conflict management, mindfulness, rural developments, theatre, sociology, research, etc. The holistic approach of teaching methods by our faculties gives a new way of perceiving a typical classroom study and teacher-student relation.
  2. Best Infrastructures
    Samriddhi College comprises 3 office blocks with a vehicle parking station and a wide playground. The classroom is designed in such a way that it could access internet services and projectors. Every classroom is wide and open, has comfortable seats, windows, and lights that strengthen the likelihood of best learning. Other than these, students can easily access three Computer Labs, Research Lab, Seminar Hall, Psychology Lab, and Library whenever they need.
  3. Samriddhi Social Club
    Samriddhi Social Club is a union of all the BSW students (new and old) who admitted to BSW in Samriddhi College. This club was founded in 2015 A.D. All the activities are done is by the students. The main objective of creating the club is to serve in the field of humanity during emergencies and non-emergency situations by applying their theoretical knowledge.
  4. a. Who are the members of the Samriddhi Social Club?
    Everyone who gets admission to Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Samriddhi College is the members of the Samriddhi Social Club. A council member is formed and renewed every year so that students can create unique designs or action plans, implement creative thoughts, and record the progress they have made in the entire year. Anyone who shows strong interest and intellectual power of dedication in the club can be a council member.
  5. b. Activities Done by Samriddhi Social Club
    Samriddhi Social Club has been organizing many programs every year. One of the most regular programs is ‘Hamro Ek Din’ in which members of a social club merge together to make a cheerful day with a vulnerable group. Sometimes they go to an old age home and sometimes they spend their day in Bal Ashram. They create a blissful schedule for making the day fruitful.
  6. The club has a commendable contribution to establishing 4 Libraries in different rural areas of Nepal. They also organize social programs like World Environment Day, Blood Donation Program, Mental Health Awareness Program, Hiking for causes, interaction programs, etc. The club is also forming an Alumni Group so that all the students get connected and help each other inside and outside the Samriddhi zone.
  7. Skill Lab Training for 10 weeks
    Skill Lab is a life skill training to make the students ready to face market jobs. It helps in facing interviews, public speaking, make unique appearances in a common group, team building activities, concrete thinking, logical decision making, making attractive C.V., etc. This training is more participatory than a one-way learning approach. Despite theoretical presentations, it is totally based on working out dedicatedly by participants in a given time frame.
  8. Incubation Centre
    Samriddhi College provides an open platform for creative students. The incubation center is such a platform where rational, logical, creative, and unique ideas are welcomed and respected. It is a type of idea hunt for promoting entrepreneurship. If the given idea is found to be worthy, the individual students or the team who presented the logic will be awarded a certain amount of budget by College. They will be provided with an office room in college with the required materials to successfully implement the idea.
  9. IT-Based College
    Students can profit high in the IT sector by joining Samriddhi College. Since it is also an IT college, has IT experts, has many computer labs, has internet access, students can gain computer knowledge. Microsoft office package, blog writing, photoshop, SPSS, etc are some training that has been given to BSW students.

    BSW Program at Samriddhi College

    BSW Program at Samriddhi College

  10. Best Results
    Samriddhi College has been perceived as the best BSW college. This is because of the highest number of passed students in the TU Board examination. All the administrative management level, faculties, college facilities, opportunities, dedication and hard works of each and everyone is equally responsible for obtaining the best results in both theoretical and practical evaluation.
  11. Diverse Camp Designs.
    Every year the action plan made for camp is different than the previous one. Every year new modalities, new camp areas, new activities are included in the camp. The camp is compulsory for every 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year for experiencing real field experience of National and International level or say rural and urban areas.
  12. Field Visits
    A field visit is often done as per the need of the course. Samriddhi has motivated both teachers and students for providing extra knowledge than just classroom teachings.
  13. Extra non-credit Training
    The expanding demand for the market has challenged students to get jobs. With the need of the market. Samriddhi has been providing extra training like Proposal Writing, Research Writing, Psychosocial Trainings, Basic and Advanced Communication Skills, Counseling, Case study, etc.
  14. Assignments
    Every year, students are provided with assignments. These assignments are the collection of old questions that were asked in the TU Board Examination. Other than these, important and possible questions are also collected so that students can make their self-reading materials to face any exams. Samriddhi College is very much strict in this aspect. Students must work hard. The assignments are checked and recorded.
  15. Easy interface teaching method
    Samriddhi College has very young, talented, energetic, and experienced faculties. The bonding between teachers and students is the most amazing thing that needs to be highlighted. Each student is given equal priority and attention. No one is left behind. Projectors, Seminar hall, computer labs are used for practical understanding of the theoretical portion.
  16. Job Holders
    Passed out students of BSW are working in different Rural school projects, Child Rescuing organizations, Local municipality projects, and leading camps in different areas. Most of them are working in NGOs and INGOs.

Detailed Information about BSW Course in Nepal

BA in Social Work is a fully-fledged program under the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tribhuvan University. It is a 4 years program to enter the field of professional Social Worker.  The major aim of the BSW Course in Nepal is to produce generalist social workers to fulfill the needs of contemporary Nepal as well as the world.

In order to achieve this goal, TU offers altogether 8 papers including compulsory fieldwork, research work, academic writing, and report writing courses in different years. Students must complete major research works, academic writings, report writings, and compulsory field works to graduate successfully. Major subjects of social work include some compulsory subjects like Nepali, English, Nepal Studies, and academic writings, and optional subjects in the third and fourth years.

Knowledge of psychological perspectives is valued more nowadays. In four years of bachelors’ course in Psychology, students must complete seven major papers which are foundational and core courses.

Every year there are 5 different subjects. Every subject carries 70% from theoretical (written exam) and 30% from the practical (internal evaluation) portion. Both English and Nepali mediums can be used while appearing for the TU Board Examination.

Samriddhi College started BSW in 2015 A.D. in Lokanthali, Bhaktapur. The major subjects here are Social Work and Psychology. Both the subjects are found to be demanding with the passage of time. Samriddhi focuses more on practicals than theoretical classes. Since BSW is a very practical course that needs a real work setting for learning, it provides internship opportunities to all the students every year in different social organizations.

These internships are the golden opportunities for students to take hold of the attention of employers. Samriddhi has a record of students who get jobs in their placed organizations. Other than internships, we also organize camps every year. It helps students in studying the social and psychological angles of rural as well as urban communities of national and international countries too.

Samriddhi college BSc.CSIT College

Samriddhi College BSW College in Kathmandu

The objective of the BSW Course:

1. The objective of the Social Work Course

Bachelor in Social work is more of a practical subject than a theoretical one. All the subjects of four-year courses are designed to impart up-to-date knowledge of basic theories and methods of Social Work to students along with skills developed through intensive fieldwork.

It provides general skilled human resources for social work in the context of Nepal. It nurtures students in the arena of human rights and social justice. Thus, the overall objective of this level is to produce skilled human resources through developing professional skills among the students of this discipline at a balanced level with those of other countries.

Specifically, a bachelor level course starts, firstly, preparing social workers by making them understand the basic concepts of Social Work including its principles, methods, and relevant practices. Secondly, it develops the capability to carry out research to identify the problems faced by the community people and make out possible solutions to those problems. Thirdly, the course develops the ability to identify major social problems in the context they are situated in. Fourthly, the service system is introduced to manage and utilize it to solve the problem among those affected people. Lastly, self-awareness is developed in relation to one’s own capability responding to problem situations.

2. The objective of the Psychology Course:

Psychology is an art of understanding people and making them understand the self. The four-year course of bachelor level let the students enter into the different phases of the psychological field. It prepares students to familiarize the theories, approaches, and processes of basic psychology and make clear with psychological science in both academic and applied areas.

Offered courses like Mental Health and Psychosocial Problems, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Psychosocial Counseling intend to equip the students with knowledge of some basic skills of helping profession and application of theories of basic human behavior. Research methods in psychology will also be practiced. As a whole, this course is expected to provide knowledge and professional skills in the real field of Psychology.

BSW College in Nepal - Samriddhi College

BSW College in Nepal – Samriddhi College

Eligible Criteria for BSW Course in Nepal

A student holding a higher secondary level degree (+2, PCL, or any) in any of the subjects recognized by Tribhuvan University is considered eligible to apply for admission at the bachelor level.

Evaluation of BSW Course in Bhaktapur

Samriddhi College has been proving itself as one of the best colleges in Nepal. The best results are evidence that clearly states the learning environment of the college. Students of BSW are urged to keep in mind the evaluation criteria conveyed by Tribhuvan University. The evaluation will be on the basis of 30 percent internal and 70 percent external.

Thirty percent internal evaluation will be done by the Social Work Department/Campus on the basis of the following criteria:
A. Class attendance 5 marks
B. Class participation, discussion, and presentation 5 marks
C. Assignment 10 marks
D. Class test (writing) 10 marks
The 70 percent external evaluation will be done by the Dean’s office through the Controller of Examinations, Tribhuvan University which will be written examination. However, in the case of Social Work Practicum and Field Work courses 70 percent external will also be done practically by the department/Campus under the coordination of the Department of Social Work TU.

Fee Structure of BCA

Normally the Fee for the BSW Course ranges from R 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs. fee structure of BSW colleges in Nepal is various due to the facility they proved to students. Samriddhi College is the cheapest college in Nepal compare to another college.


Scope of BSW in Nepal

Nepal is one of the developing countries. In a country like Nepal People are socially backward and there is a scope of this course. so that the scope of the BSW course is good in Nepal. Many of the students choose an abroad study as their destiny for higher studies in social work. Those who wish to go abroad for higher studies will be eligible to get scholarships from renowned universities.

There are six fields of social work like advocacy, broker, counselor, mediator, change agent, and researcher. And the nation gains expertise in these six fields of social work. The BSW graduates can get employment in different NGOs/INGOs, academic sector, media sector (radio, television, news agencies), and research institutions. The BSW graduate can do a Master of Social Work (MSW) for further study.

According to the average salary survey web site, The minimum salary of  BSW  in Nepal will be as much as Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 150000/-. Talking about the salary on abroad a Social Worker (BSW) earns an average salary of $38,038 per year. Their salary range is $25,892 to $52,655 per year. A firm they are working for may provide them a bonus which adds some amount of money to the salary.

salary of bsw in nepal

salary of BSW in Nepal


Syllabus of BSW

Distribution of Social Work Course

Year Paper Code No. Title of Course Full Marks Remarks
First 1 SW 421 Introduction to Social Work 100 Required
  2 SW 422 Basic Sociology for Social Work 100 Required
Second 3 SW 423 Basic Psychology for Social Work 100 Required
  4 SW 424A Social Case Work Practice 50 Required
    SW 424B Social Work Practice with Groups 50 Required
Third  5 SW 425 Social Issues and Leadership Development 100 Required
  6 SW 410 Social Issues and Leadership Development 100 Elective
Fourth  7 SW 426 Theoretical Ideologies of Social Work 100 Required
  8 SW 427 Social Problem, Identifications, and Interventions 100 Required

Note: The courses in the third year and fourth year are proposed. The title of these courses can be changed while developing detailed content later.

Distribution of Psychology Course

Year Paper Code No. Title of Course
First I PSY 421 Introduction to Psychology
  II PSY 422 Social Psychology
Second  III PSY 423 Adolescence and Juvenile Delinquency
  IV PSY 424 Abnormal Psychology
Third  V PSY 425 Psychosocial Counseling
Fourth  VI PSY 426 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  VII PSY 427 Research Methods and Academic Writing

Elective Papers

Year Paper Code No. Title of Course
Third   PSY 410 Elective- General Psychology

Top BSW Colleges in Nepal:

there are lots of BSW government colleges in Nepal and some private colleges also provide the BSW Course. Here is some top BSW College in Nepal.

  1. Samriddhi College | Lokanthali-16, Bhaktapur
  2. GoldenGate International College | Old Baneshwor, Battisputali, Kathmandu
  3. Nasa International College | Tinkune, Kathmandu
  4. Newton International College | Siphal, Kathmandu
  5. Amrit Science Campus | Lainchaur, Kathmandu
  6. Patan Multiple Campus | Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur
  7. Sarovar College | Kalanki, Kathmandu
  8. Thames International College | Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu
  9. Premier College | Baneshwor, Kathmandu
  10. Times International College | Dillibazar Kathmandu
  11. Columbus Higher Secondary School | New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
  12. Texas International College | Mitrapark, Chabahil, Kathmandu
  13. Nepal Mega College | Babarmahal, Kathmandu
  14. Lincoln College | Samakhusi, Kathmandu
  15. Trinity International College | DIllibazar, Kathmandu
  16. Milton International College | New Baneswor, Kathmandu
  17. Janapremi College | Kausaltar,  Bhaktapur.
  18. Classic College International | Tilganga, Kathmandu
  19. Himalaya College | Koteshwor, Kathmandu
  20. Cambridge International College | Kalanki, Kathmandu
  21. Kanti and Kunja International College | New Baneshwor Kathmandu
  22. Kathmandu Bernhardt College | Bafal, Kathmandu
  23. Triton International College | Tinkune, Kathmandu
  24. Kamana International College | Banasthali, Kathmandu
  25. Sagarmatha College for Higher Studies | Dillibazar, Kathmandu
  26. Kathmandu Model College | Balkumari, Lalitpur
  27. Campion College | Kupondole, Lalitpur
  28. Dibyabhumi Multiple College | Hanumansthan, Kupondole, Lalitpur
  29. Bright Vision College | Satdobato, Tutepani, Lalitpur
  30. Bright Vision College | Satdobato, Lalitpur
  31. Dibyabhumi Multiple College | Kupondole, Lalitpur
  32. Nesfield International College |Gyan Griha, Batukbhairabsthan Lagankhel, Lalitpur
  33. Khwopa College | Dekocha-5, Bhaktapur
  34. Brightland College | Surkhet Road, Nepalgunj
  35. Millennium International College | Balmandir Road, Bharatpur-10, Chitwan
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